Oculus and Samsung VR??

Hi there

I have few interior scenes already made in UE4, how can I make it work with oculus DK2?? is there any documenattion or pipeline for it?? I just need to know how much additional work there will be before I order the DK2.

I also want to convert the scene to work with samsung VR, so the same questions is there any ‘how to’ for such conversion?? is it working only with galaxy tab 4?? and anything else I need to know/have except the galaxy tab and samsung vr gear to make it work??


Re: DK2, there’s a ton of info about this available with a simple “UE4 Oculus” Google search. I recommend doing Google searches first :slight_smile: and asking specific questions on here when you can’t find the answer there.

Here are some highlights:


And I don’t know anything about GearVR integration, but I’d suspect Google is a good place to start for that, too.

4.9 is supposed to have more support for GearVR and Android and such.