Oculus Achievements not working for the Quest

I’m trying to implement Oculus Achievements.

I’ve set up the achievements on Oculus’ Developer Dashboard and set up the blueprints to Write Achievement Progress (see attached image)

I’ve also added the following to DefaultEngine.ini

The entitlement check works but for some reason the achievements don’t despite the code executing through the success pin (the play sound executes - see attached image)

I’ve tried both launching it through the editor and installing it through the Developer Dashboard release channels.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue? Any ideas on how to fix it?

Btw, I’m using version 4.23

hey go check out Brian’s OculusPlatformBP library. The built-in functions don’t work, don’t waste your time.
You find the library here:

let’s you call the API functions directly, like “Add Count” or “Unlock Achievement”. And much more.