[OCULUS] 4.23 Build vs. In-Editor Performance Drop

Hi! We are developing a VR experience for the Rift and had been successfully keeping our frame rate at 90 FPS in builds in 4.22.

We recently moved to 4.23 and realized that while our in-editor VR preview is still running at 90 FPS, the build framerate drops to 70FPS no matter the content of the map, or the resolution/quality settings of the build, making it seem clamped in some way. (We do not have framerate smoothening enabled for the project.) This could point to some kind of hardware issue, however we have tested the build on several different machine configurations and come out with 70FPS no matter what. (We have also confirmed that previous 4.22 builds continue to run at 90FPS on the same various hardware configurations.)

Has anyone else experienced anything similar since moving to 4.23? Is there a possibility that there is something is clamping the framerate that we are not aware of?

This is a build with a very simple scene to illustrate the problem if anyone is interested:

I’ve got a similar issue right now but on 4.22.

Testing a build of my project on the Valve Index runs perfectly fine in 120fps mode. On an Oculus Rift S however it doesn’t even run at 80fps and goes into motion smoothing mode.

I had an issue with scalability settings after building but was able to fix it by using console commands to turn off post processing effects and turn down effects. Is it possible that these commands work differently on oculus or something. I currently have no idea what is going on. The game even barely runs in 144fps mode on the index and die Rift S can’t run it at 80fps.

I can’t test the Rift in editor mode at the moment since I don’t own one and have to send someone a Build to test it. So I don’t know if it’s the same issue or maybe it would run as badly in editor.

Hello. Did you solve the problem in any way? I had the same issue. I want to move the project to 4.24 but now when i use outliner the screen renders only for one eye ;/