Oculus 1.3

Do we need to rely on the Github release from OculusVR or will 4.11 release support the 1.3 Oculus SDK? I upgraded to Oculus home and my DK2 works fine (with the usual complaints) but my UE4 project has stopped supporting VR and the VR PReview button is disabled. Any suggestions?

Right now yes, you do have to rely on OculusVR Github UE4 release and it works fine, it’s just that iteration time when packaging/compiling will almost certanly be slower or even much slower than the rocket/luncher/binary version. From the info that I have the final 4.11 should support 1.3 runtime/SDK, I guess the worst case would be that a 4.11 hotfix adds an updated SDK, but I really doubt it’ll take that long.

Thanks N8128.