Octane Brigade for UE4?

Is Epic going to Implement this in some way when it releases?

So far I haven’t seen one single demo of this running something that could actually be considered a game, at high resolution, with at least 60 fps.

Though it seems obvious to me that unreal will get its own path tracing renderer once it becomes viable…

While technically it is claimed to be a real-time, in reality it is not. Proper performance is only attainable if the calculations are run somewhere in a cloud using much higher processing power than your average home PC. An hour of gaming such way would hit your wallet quite hard, not speaking about connection latency.

We are still decades away from real-time path tracing for gaming with current hardware power increase speeds.

Also, Epic can’t control that

According to Jules Urbach’s (Otoy’s CEO) twitter, Octane for Unity alpha release is imminent. What we’ll see in Unity is probably what we’ll get in the ue4 plug-in not too long after.
#progressivelightmapsbaking for the win!

Brigade is supposed to be merged with Octane 4. Now we’re on octane 3. Give it some time guys. I think I’ve read on Otoy’s forums that the brigade tech demos are running on a farm of like 200 gpus.

Especially when gaming consoles are still running games at 30 fps in 1080p lol. It’s ridiculous.