Ocean Water Shader for mobile

Hello . we are now working on a mobile game and our game have a big ocean . game about fighter jets and player see the water from above .we have limits for water on mobile devices we are using a plane+an alpha map for make ocean and we cant use Dynamic for mobile limits .this is our ocean now but we are not happy about current result . pls help us .

Could you provide examples of what you’re looking to do? Oceans of course. The only obvious problem I see is the tiling (vector color breakup among other possibilities).

There are so many kinds of water you can create, even for mobile.
Anyway, it depends on desired reference and performance. I think you can simply take ocean material from WaterPlanes example project and optimize for your needs.

If I had to create ocean for mobile, I’d make it unlit and opaque, use big and small waves (but one normal map), one or two colors with variation, add foam if there is some reefs/islands, and maybe I’d use some additional geometry waves.


Hi again .
above image is how i want my ocean to look like. with no physics and tessellation . since i want it for mobile!!!

so Do u have any methods for tiling to be less visible when viewed from afar with somewhat good reflection on it?
also keep in mind that unreal examples had awful tiling.
so i have been struggling for a while to find a solution for the tiling.

I have some cool mobile water materials on my pc. I got it on these forums a while back and it’s free. I can share it when I get home from work.

oh thanks a lot mate

Water roughness should be close to 0. Water is not metallic at all so set it to 0.
For waves you probably need more than two layers of normal map.
Unplug normal map from fresnel input and plug Worldnormal node instead. This is then normalized and in right space.(normal maps are tangent space).

Idk maybe you have come across this before, but have a look.

@Pabooklas Thanks brother for your project. It worked fine on mobile. Thanks again