Ocean trouble

I got Maya 2015 and I built a Ocean and added wind control to it…BUT…It wont export as a FBX!!! How do I get it in UE4? It wont export due to Shader…I cant delete shader because its a HUGE part of the Ocean!!! Any Ideas??

Here’s a Picture of it :smiley:

I googled everywhere and there is nothen on this topic…Why can you make a ocean but not export it to a engine??? It seems to be used for movies only…??

FBX importing into Unreal doesn’t support vertex-animation, only animations driven by a skinned skeletal rig.

The best you can hope for, is to export the geo straight out of Maya (deleting all history on it first, so you only end up with the ocean surface as a deformed plane). Alternatively, you can export a tesellated plane out of Maya, and use a material to control the wave motion. You’ll be wanting to plug your ‘wave map’ into the world position offset in the material node.

Maya Ocean was never designed for videogames, it’s always been a rendered solution.

Thank you Crow. this is highly annoying…Sorry for saying this but CryEngine 3 has a lead on water…Because the water I been trying to make looks cartoonie and not see thru realistic… I thought for use that maya ocean was the tool needed…

take a look at this plugin: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?4181-Plugin-Ocean-surface-simulation-plugin-(VaOcean)&highlight=ocean :wink:

Thanks bro :smiley: