Ocean beach waves

Have anyone in the community has been able to make the ocean waves like they are at the beaches on which people surf.

I’ve seen plenty of other shaders which simulate the ocean how it is way beyond the beach, but what I’m looking for is waves the rise and and then fall down swirling.

has this been done before in UE4 or UDK if yes please guide me to that content.

It is possible -> ?v=4BaTzVhxi-I Try to contact him to get all the informations that you need to create something like that :slight_smile:
I think it should be doable with a depth fade node -> with that you can “detect” where the water height is low/high. With that you can then control the height of your tessellation

As far as I know there is no real-time solution for actual breaking of waves. Most (or all?) solutions use a shader/tesselation mix which does create some form of nice waves and can blend nicely onto the shore, but not an actual fluid simulation that is capable of creating waves that break and dissolve when reaching the shore or other obstacles.

Yep that’s correct.
Currently you can just create “real” fluid simulations with an Nvidia plugin -> nvidia gameworks :slight_smile: