Occlusion culling not working with foliage tool

I’m trying to make occlusion culling work with foliage but it doesn’t seem to work. It works if I place foliage as normal meshes and it does occlusion culling perfectly.

But when I place foliage with foliage tool, it doesn’t work. I’m not sure if it’s not supported with instanced meshes. If really not, what is a good work around except culling distance?


Did you figure this one out? I’m in the same pickle! :slight_smile:

Yes, figured out that this is still not possible in UE4 -_-

How strange… its spawning the same actors. Well, thanks for clarifying, I guess we’ll have to wait.

HZB culling should work with instanced static meshes.

Doesn’t work. It even stops culling flat some landscape surfaces.

Arent the meshes painted with foliage tool Instanced meshes, just as the proc foliage tool? Distance culling works perfectly for foliage paint tool, which I think is strange.

No it’s not strange I think. Because AFIK, the distance culling is built for instanced static meshes. Whether they placed with foliage tool, proc foliage or anything else.

But occlusion culling doesn’t work with them which is a huge minus point. Enabling HZB culling doesn’t help here, case became even worse.