Obtain static mesh dimensions in a blueprint

I have a blueprint taking a Static Mesh as an argument (public variable or component).
My blueprint replicates the mesh in the level several times.
However, I would like to control the distance between the meshes, so that it is adjusted to the dimensions of the mesh itself. If the user plugs in a bigger mesh, the instances should spread out further away so that they don’t overlap each other.

To accomplish that, I would like to inspect the Static Mesh within the blueprint, to learn its dimensions. How do I accomplish that?

I found a similar question here: How do I get the size of a static mesh? however, it is a C++ solution.
I tried using the function mentioned in the answer - GetActorBounds - in my blueprint, but it takes an Actor as an argument. Static Mesh is not an Actor and cannot be used in such context.

These nodes can help you:

I see no “GetBoundingBox” function. Is this functionality added in a newer version of UE? If so, I’ll just wait, till UT is updated to the newer version of UE :slight_smile:

Im using 4.9.2

GetBoundingBox for “StaticMesh”

GetComponentbounds for “StaticMeshComponent”

Uncheck “context sensitive” box when you right click and you’d find GetBoundingBox

Sorry to necro, but if anyone else stops here and finds the above wasn’t quite right, you might have a mesh that doesn’t have origin 0,0,0 like I did.

This accounts for a static mesh with any origin: