Objects not receiving any light from Directional Light (sun)

I have no idea why this happens, but I’m guessing it’s something really silly.

Sunlight is generated by a Directional Light

I threw a simple box object into my scene (to serve as a floor - see screenshot )
The box has a simple material attached.

The box gets sunlight perfectly fine when it is “small” (see first screenshot)

When I simply scale the box to be larger, it stops getting sunlight (after rebuilding lightmaps off course) (see second screenshot)

No idea why this happens :confused:
The building process doesnt spit out any errors …

Settings of my Directional Light here

Sun is positioned here:
Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 16.53.10.png

Thanks so much for all the help

little bump

Could you try placing the box outside the glass door and see if it still doesn’t receive light then?

@fragfest2012 - Thanks for replying. Gave me another boost to get in there and try fixing this.
I ended up going over every setting of the (big) box and I ended op changing the “Ligthmap Resolution” to 1024 (was at 64) in the Static Mesh Settings dialog resulting in image in attach :slight_smile:

That said - when an object does not bounce/display/take light from a Directional Light - is the usual cause this Lightmap Resolution ? I would have expected it to show at least something from the Sunlight when the value is set too low.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 20.34.53.png

In my experience, the few times I’ve had weird lighting effects (which is not often) it’s been either other geometry in the way (one sided meshes/materials can really trick you :wink: ) and a few times it’s been the lightmap resolution. I almost always work with full dynamic light while I’m building my scenes, that way it’s really easy and fast to see if things are working properly, and if your fixes work. Then switch to baked light when I’m almost finished.

Well, I would still try to put the box outside just for the sake of seeing if that works with the old lightmap resolution. But I’m glad you fixed it. Try smaller values like 128 and 256 and see if those work as well; 1024 is very large for a box.