Objects not directly hit by sun are completely black

Hey there. I want to get some quick and easy lighting for my world so I can throw in assets and check how they look. The problem is that currently any object (or even side of an object) that isn’t being directly hit by the sun is 100% black. Here’s an example. The sun is coming from the right side. The left is totally black and the center which is at a hard angle is very dark.

That means any indoors are totally black, and if the sun is in the east, then any west-facing objects or textures are also totally black. I’d love to have a quick and messy way to make some lighting that works just for inspecting assets and throwing together concepts for levels. Can I get some tips and tricks for that?

The only way to view lighting like that is to build the lighting

Do you have a skylight?

make the directional light movable. See if that changes things for you…

increase indirect lighting intensity and build it .
use a sky light and set it to movable or stationary to see the effect realtime or else you have to build it every time to see the change .

This really helped, thanks.

Place Lightmass Importance Volumes to enhance the lighting in those areas. Tweak the Volumetric Lightmap (decrease Detail Cell Size, increase Maximum Memory) for more samples and more memory for those samples. Use post process volume(s) with modified lighting settings to get different fx within the volume(s).