objects invisible to reflects

so the problem is that the floor is just reflecting the light from the windows and not taking into account the walls in the room. so there are glossy highlights where there shouldn’t be.

any help will be much appreciated to fix this

Are your effects settings set to high or epic? Because on lower settings it removes screen space reflections. So to check this go settings>engine scalability settings> effects and set it to High or Epic.
Also, check in your post process volume settings for SSR quality, and if needed increase it. On default it also can give effect like some highlights are leaking because it blends more with cubemap. Upping the value can fix this.

its all on epic and have upped the SSR to max. will report back tomorrow once its built


so after letting it build over night on max ssr and effects setting set to epic I am sill getting highlight where there shouldn’t be

any other suggestions to what the issue could be. the floor just isn’t seeing the rest of the room in its reflections

Can you show us your SSR settings? And you’re sure that the post process volume is unbound and the highest priority?

Does it look this way in a standalone game?

yes ssr is maxed out. when I walk around the room the floor isn’t reflecting what is right in front of it but just the sky and ceiling


render settings