Objects in Vive have inaccurate size

I have created a virtual representation of the actual room in which I have the Vive setup, modelling walls and furniture and placing them in the virtual world where they are in the real world. The goal is to have virtual elements in the Vive environment that I can interact with, but have them placed as if they are on real world surfaces. The problem I’m seeing is that all the real-world object models appear smaller in the virtual world. I’ve verified that my models are imported correctly into UE by creating a 1 meter cube in an external cad tool and importing into the room and comparing it to a 1 meter cube (default Cube object in UE). They appear identical in size, so I know it must have something to do with the rendering to the Vive that is off. I can scale all objects to get close (1.1 scale is close), but I was wondering if there is a more logical way to adjust the virtual world rendering so that all objects in it are scaled to match the real world.

You can adjust the world to meters in the world settings of the level if that helps.

Here is a little about VR World scale from the “Virtual Reality best practices document”:


This should point you into a good direction.

Thanks to posted comments, it appears that the World Settings-> World to Meters parameter is the feature I need to adjust. Setting that parameter to 90 (from default of 100) appears to give accurate sizing, although I’ll have to do some measurements with the Vive wand with to see how accurate it really is.