Objects has weird Shadow on Build but on the Viewport it's Ok

I’m working on a scene for more than 2 weeks right now. Everything was working fine until I tried to build the project to test it. I Built the lighting and Everything was Working fine until I decided to make a package. Now The baked shadows are weird on some parts of the map

On the viewport (Even in Standalone Game)

After Building the package it looks like this

Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve it? I already tried to increase the Lightmap Resolution from 8 to 64 but it does not seems to be working

Looks quite spherical in nature. Is that by any change the center of the map, and you still have the sphere reflection capture there?

I’m not using Sphere Reflection at all on the scene. And the rest of the map is pretty Okay. I will try to add one to the scene to see if it gets better

I tried adding a Reflection Sphere to this part of the map but the problem still the same

I don’t know what can it be, and it only happens when I use Baked Lighting and in some parts of the level. If I Switch to Real time the problem does not appear. I also uploaded another Example of the weird Lighting on the city. This problem is Already Driving me insane :V