objects getting darker and black when camera gets close

Hi all,

Why is it that my objects turn dark and black when my camera gets close to them?

Unfortunately I can’t show you pictures because either due to my PC or Epic’s servers it’s giving me an error.
Here are the pics:


btw if it helps, these walls were made from BSP brushes.
Also, the lightmap res is high (512).

I found the solution.
It is because when BSP brushes are converted to static meshes, the light map coordinate stays at 0, changing the value to 1 fixes the issue. (Also make sure the light map resodlution is decent (such as 512).


Is there a way to override light map coordinate index of multiple objects? I have about 100 BSP brushes converted to static meshes and it would be a pain to do this one by one.
This option exists for the light map resolution, but I can’t find this option for light map coordinate index.

Am i missing something?

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I had the issue that my PostProcessVolume was too small.
Inside its boundaries the settings were different than outside