Objects are black on the opposite side of direct light


I have a direct light in my scene, the sun. And I dont understand why are the objects on one side (where the sun shines) lit and on the other side, as on screenshot, are pitch black. How do I fix this? Sun is been moved btw.

Even after building the light?


Does it matter if these objects are static or stationary?

That is how light works without global illumination (bounces). You have to add a skylight or a back/fill light or use static or stationary light and build global illumination.

But the easier and faster way for exterior escenes is just add a skylight.

I have skylight in scene, still black

Nevermind, I set it accidentally to static, which made everything black

It works only in editor, when I start the game the objects are still black.

this video helped me a lot. I also had the problem and tons of light to have not black everywhere.

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Thank you, that helped me too

Every Directional Light has tons of variables that can be adjusted, to figure out which one’s are causing it within your level adjust every single one individually. There could be a hundred reasons why it is happening, including the LOD on your mesh. Test every single setting on the directional light itself.