Objects always lit even with no lights

I have a scene with meshes set to “movable” with a standard material (just color no self-illum), and a directional light set also to movable.
When I delete the light and the fog from the scene, the meshes somehow still seem to be lit, why is that? and how can I fix it?

Either baked light or your skylight is somewhere in there.

Weird. Reflections look better too with the lighting deleted. Is/was there a SunSky? The skysphere could also be emissive.

No sun sky, nothing baked.

Sometimes it´s jammed, and will stay there, even if you delete every light. Pls check, if somewhere is some BuiltData left, and if so, erase it from your Content Browser to reset all baked and stored data.


If no such BuiltData is present, then… dunno, just try, if it helps to insert a brandnew skylight, and recapture it from that black or unlit scene, or set it to “specific” and just let the texture slot empty, so that it gets all black and hopefully overwrite, whatever is jammed and still present.

ok thanks alot.
May I ask how you achieved the sunlight effect?

Enable light shaft bloom/occlusion on your directionallight.

Sure :slight_smile: First, this is a 4.25 scene, not sure, if older versions have all of it. And, this is NOT a real volumetric fog/ real god rays, those light shafts are only visible, if your camera points towards the sun, and they will dissapear if you look away from the sun. Real volumetric fog god rays would be way better, but raytracing and volumetric fog don´t like each other very much at the moment (at least not on my comp…). But there are tutorials for that on youtube too.

As you can see already on the picture, you need:

  • a DirectionalLight, which will be the sun, that creates those light shafts
  • SkyAtmosphere, to get this nice sky and atmosphere, to make the sun visible and tint it´s light shaft accordingly
  • PostProcess Volume (set it to “Infinite Extent (Unbound)” ), to get the better sun disc

The Skylight is not required to achive this effect, but of course, it´s important to lighten the whole scene. So just bring one into the scene to get an overall nice look, and recapture it, after you have changed the sun position

DirectionalLight changes after it´s creation:

  • have set it´s intensity to 5 lux
  • in chapter “Light settings”, click on that tiny arrow to get the rest of it´s options, or just search for “Atmosphere / Fog Sun Light” and activate that. With that activated, this Directional Light will be recognized as a Sun (your black sky should turn blue immediately, and the sun disc should become visible, thanks to SkyAtmosphere now having a Sun to work with)
  • then look for the chapter “Light Shafts”, there you find two kinds of light shafts, that can be created: Light Shaft Occlusion (should be important for trees, grass and foliage, not so sure about buildings) and Light Shaft Bloom, activate Light Shaft Bloom, thats the one mainly responsible for the light shafts you see in this scene. Now you should starting see those light shafts if you look at the sun.
  • raise the Bloom Scale to get more intense/stronger visible light shafts, i have set it from 0.2 to 0.3
  • and bring down Bloom Max Brightness (i used 5 instead of 100)

As far, as i can tell, Bloom Scale and Bloom Max Brightness are linked, and the stronger your Bloom Scale is, the lower you want to make Bloom Max Brightness, so that the Light Shafts do not overpower the sun disc and make it basically invisible… unless you just want Light shafts only and no visible sun disc :). Trial and error.

To get the better looking sun disc and not that blob, thats there by default and is kinda ruining the scene, got into the PostProcess:

  • under the “Lens” chapter, go into “Bloom”, activate the “Method”, and change it from Standard to Convolution, that will get you the better sun disc
  • and for fashion, you can go down to “Image effects”, activate Vignette Intensity and raise it to 0.5

Then it should look similar. And i am pretty sure, you can replace the SkyAtmosphere with f.e. a HDRI Backdrop and then just tint the lightshafts by hand to your liking (via “Bloom Tint”, just below Bloom Max Brightness). You also can combine the SkyAtmosphere and tint the Lightshafts manually to alter the scenes look, even more orange or red lightshafts look nice too.

Have a nice day.