Objective Waypoint System

Objective Waypoint System that finds the shortest path to the Objective Actor

Objective Waypoint System offers you two different modes.

Spawn Mode:
Spawn Mode lets you spawn Waypoint Actors from Character location to Objective Actor. You can define how many meshes to spawn and the distance between each mesh.

Spline Mode:
Spline Mode lets you draw a Spline from Character location to Objective Actor.

Both Modes support constant update at given intervals as you move the character and the Waypoint System will always try to find the shortest path from Character to Objective Actor. You can also set the Waypoint System to specific Navigation Query Classes.

Out of the box multiplayer supported!


  • Waypoint Actor Component
  • Custom Enum to select between 2 Waypoint modes
  • Ability to find waypoint to world location from minimap
  • Objective Actor
  • Waypoint Actor


  • Example Maze Level


  • Tileable Mask Texture

Network Replicated: Yes


  • New function for finding path to location
  • Ability to find waypoint to world location from minimap
  • Renamed StartFindingPath function to StartFindingPathToActor
  • Updated Overview map to reflect new changes


  • Added shortcut key for toggling Minimap (Default: E)
  • Added a text on HUD that shows how to activate the existing waypoint


  • Added multiplayer support out of the box
  • Objective Actor will now be set dynamically (if not assigned) in-game (See FindPathToActor in ThirdPersonCharacter Blueprint)
  • Renamed private functions with Internal_* prefix
  • Fixed incorrect rotation of some waypoints at corners
  • Fixed minimap path finding not working properly
  • Fixed incorrect objective marker position in non-native screen resolutions


  • ClientPathFind takes array as reference


  • Fixed waypoints spawning together when getting closer to target.
  • Removed bobbing timeline animation from Blueprints. This is now a shader effect.


  • Add new Interface instead of directly casting ThirdPersonCharacter. This allows easier migration to your project.
  • Fixed waypoint not updating properly when clicked via Minimap.
  • Fixed waypoints incorrectly pointing to previous location even after providing new location via Minimap.


  • Refactored Internal_PathFindingSpawnMode function to perform faster.
  • Changed spline co-ods to World instead of Local.
  • Updated DefaultMaxSearchNodes to 16384.

Purchase](Objective Waypoint System in Blueprints - UE Marketplace)

Objective Waypoint System v1.0 [Preview]

Objective Waypoint System v1.1 [Update #2]

Objective Waypoint System MIGRATION [TUTORIAL]

Nice work, can you tell me if your system can be use for open world game like a GPS ?

You mean like click on minimap and then update the waypoint location to that?

Yes, and follow the “road/path” on the minimap

Hi @ThePoetikAngel…Is this what you are looking for?

Oooh ! Yes it is ! :smiley:

Hi, @ThePoetikAngel!

We will be submitting an update tomorrow with a minor price increment so if you have not purchased please do so while its still $9.99. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Would this work in VR?

Hi, @Zaidenknopka!

Finding goal actors in the waypoint system should work in VR. :slight_smile:

Our Objective Waypoint System has been updated to add minimap functionality! :slight_smile: @ThePoetikAngel

Change Log:

  • New function for finding path to location
  • Ability to find waypoint to world location from minimap
  • Renamed StartFindingPath function to StartFindingPathToActor
  • Updated Overview map to reflect new changes

Objective Waypoint System Preview v1.1 [Update #2]:

Awesome ! Thank you for that I really appreciate :smiley:

Hi, we like the look of this. we are trying to implement an information system for architectural use, for instance, lets say i have several blocks, each one representing a shop unit. I want to know the closest entrance, the closest lift, the closest escalator, the closest car park to that block… I think this system will work for my needs correct? I just need to display the distance and possible 3/4 different coloured arrows to each of the possible variables. once i click on another block i get updated info / arrows… Therie is no pawn / character running about, it’ll all be mouse hoovering over a mesh (not an actor if possible as i have hundreds!)

Objective Waypoint System always finds the shortest path possible. You can modify this system to support multiple waypoints (with different colors as you said).

If I understand you correctly then I think you have several blocks (for example 10) with lots of entrances, lifts, escalators etc and you need to find the closest of everything for each block. If that’s the case then you can add the WaypointComponent to your Block actor and each block can iterate through your required things (entrance, lift, escalator etc.) to find the closest path.

Thanks Yeti, doesn’t the way-point component require being attached to a character?

Objective Waypoint System is a Component so you have to add it to an Actor based class. Since its a non-scene component you cannot attach to other scene components (like StaticMeshComponent, SkeletalMeshComponent etc.)

heya Yeti,

Any tips for getting this up and running in VR?

Any tutorials available on how to use it?

Apologies for the late reply, we have not been notified about this post since the new forum update. The Objective Waypoint System comes with an example project which shows you how to implement the system. Make sure you have one NavMesh in your level.

As long as you have one NavMesh in your level and provided a goal actor in your system it should work.

Do you have any tips on implementing this on a custom character? If I already have a character set up, is there a quick way to copy over all the functions and needed parameters into my new character blueprint? As far as I can tell, I’m going to have to reset up a ton of the functions in my new character and wasn’t sure if there was a simple way I was missing.

There is no need to copy over functions or parameters to your new character blueprint, you simply add/remove the Objective Waypoint System component to your custom character. Inside your character blueprint assign your target actor to a function called **FindPathToActor **in Objective Waypoint System Component. If your target is not an actor but a location use **FindPathToLocation **in the Objective Waypoint System component. The marketplace package comes with a full example project, please feel free to check it out.