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Objective Device - Deactivate Objective Pulse function does not work, both with direct binding event and verse

Steps to Reproduce

Connect triggers to Activate and Deactivate Objective pulse DEB, trigger
ActivateObjectivePulse(Agent) and DeactivateObjectivePulse(Agent)

Expected Result

Objective Pulse appears on activated, and disappears on deactivated

Observed Result

Objective pulse appears on activated and stays unchanged on deactivated



The status of FORT-730793 incident has been moved from ‘Needs Triage’ to ‘Backlogged’.

As a workaround for this problem, I started using the map indicator device instead.

However, with the 29.30 update, I discovered a new bug. The objective pulse does not show up for any device (map indicator and objective device) for the first 2ish minutes of a fresh server, by that I mean a newly run private code or after I had just pushed changes.

On accident, I discovered a way to “jumpstart” the objective pulse by activating the pulse over and over again using something like this:

If you don’t want to use verse, you can activate with a bunch of triggers or something.

As of 29.30, the deactivate objective pulse for the objective device still does not function. Map indicator is still the workaround for this problem.


Thank you for all the info TomJank! Sharing this where I can!


Another workaround that seems to work for me, besides activating it 20 times, is to activate it through a button device or a switch.