Object Visibility Volume

Hello Devs!

I have run into an interesting issue: By default, there is an invisible volume around the player camera manager which controls the visibility of all objects in the scene. The idea is that any mesh will become invisible before it’s too close to the players eyes/face. Very cool feature, makes sense. Now how do I disable it?

My game makes use of the “world to meters” scale function, and when the player is very small, the volume does not change. This means that if a blade of grass is the scale of a tree, it will become invisible long before the player is close to it, in relative scale.

Is there a way to change the scale of this volume to correspond with the world to meters scale? I don’t have a clue on what the function is actually called, so my search for a solution online has gotten me nowhere.

I might be wrong but it sounds like the clipping plane settings.

Check project settings/general settings and look for Near Clip Plane.

I believe this value controls when a mesh should cull when it gets too close to the camera, I haven’t repo’d this so you will have to check.


You nailed it! Tweaking the value of the clip plane did the trick. I can’t believe I didn’t think of searching the forums for near clip plane. For some reason I thought UE4 would have some other name for it. haha.