Object Spawning Replication (Solved)

I’ve searched through a lot of forum posts and a lot of people usually end up saying the objects need to be spawned server side so that all clients and server are synced. I need this to be replicated so when a player pickups an object, everybody else’s object also gets destroyed. So far, my server can pick up items and it is visible to all other clients, but when a client pickups an item, the other clients and server don’t see it as “picked up” (I’m using destroy actor to see this). This leads me to believe the actors/objects are being spawned as ‘duplicates’ on the client-side instead of spawning on the server and syncing with each client. How would I make an actor spawn on the server? It has replication ticked and it is the “master” item where all other items inherit from it, so please keep that in mind. Also, I usually just drag the items into the scene, so not like they spawn off a blueprint. Any ideas would really help, thanks!

This is inside my character blueprint (NOT MY PLAYER CONTROLLER):

This is the “master” of all items where every item created for the game inherits from:

Change “Interact On Server” to a server function so it only executes on the server.

Right now it says “Executes On All” which I assumes means a Multicast.

I changed it and it worked! I could have sworn I already tested running it on server and client as well as multicast but I guess I missed the part where it actually did work when I set it to run on the server. Thank you very much!