Object somehow is ignoring ray-tracing?

Hi there!

I’m out of ideas and the Creator hasn’t yet responded to my e-mail so I thought I might as well ask you all!
I recently bought this pack:…generator-pack for an automotive short-film I’m making.

I’m using ray-tracing in this project but somehow the road blueprint from this pack is ignoring it.

Meshes of the road do not cast shadows (Like in the image attached, the railing should cast a shadow onto the road. They’re part of the same blueprint placed into the level), they do not make reflection in other objects placed in the level. The only thing they do is receive shadows from other objects in the scene. I made the cube in the image attached use the same material instance as the road in the blueprint and as you can see it is casting shadows so I don’t think it’s a material issue (And I checked, they all have ‘Cast Ray-Traced Shadows’ ticked on).

And also, if I change the lights in the scene to not use ray-tracing, the blueprint suddenly renders fine with all the shadows you’d expect.

Help? :frowning: