Object Snapping Precision

(Unreal Engine 4.2.1, Windows 7 64bit, EVGA GTX 680 superclock)

I am currently working on building something that has many wooden beams (Additive Brush)

I am having trouble with the snapping of so many objects. I’ve tried using vector snapping but that was highly unsuccessful. The image below, you can see that some edges are being rendered strangely. There is a distinct transparent area between the 2 surfaces.

This happens in a multitude of places.

Additionally, the additive brushes are creating lines like these.

I’ve attributed most of these too my poor snapping job. I don’t want to go farther with this if I’m doing things wrong. Is there an efficient way of fixing the snapping in objects?

#Vertex Snap Plugin

If you are still on 4.2 you can use my vertex snapping plugin!

Full details here!


4.2.1 ok? Will the plugin be updated in the future?

I couldn’t get the plugin to work on 4.2.1. Thank you anyway.

My plugin is up to 4.3 now!

You have to add the line in your config file as I explain in my installation instructions