Object Scanning - Arkit - Anyone have any success?

I’ve been working on object scanning and detection and have created a basic app to define a candidate object extent to capture, however at the point of saving the candidate object the app crashes. It also shows a false result when using the ‘Is AR Session Supported’, despite using a Ipad Pro 12.9" with the latest iOS software (12.1.3).

I’m struggling to find out where this is tripping up.

Any suggestions?

I am having the Same Problems. IT Crashes when calling the get candidateobjects from Blueprint. The Enterprise Support could Not Help me, too

Hi @gpround. I am following your step. Do you have any sample/tutorial about ARCandidateObject. Thank you very much.

This is the most obscure thing about ARkit for now, it seems that no one solve it and without a guide, there will never be one person to do it.

Has anyone been able to make progress on this problem? I’m able to successfully save a Scanned Object, however when I try to actively scan for a Candidate Object, it can never seem to find it. I was able to get the Image Scanning working so I used the part for actively scanning per frame and reworked it for Object Scanning, but haven’t been able to successfully recognize my scanned object.

Here’s a screenshot of the Events I’m using to successfully save a scanned object. If anyone needs help with getting that part working let me know.

Hi blunt_action, making any progress?

Hey, unfortunately I have not been able to make any successful progress with the ARKit object scanning, however while trying to search for an answer i came across a developer on twitter who seems to have solved it, although their explanation isn’t very descriptive. Here’s the link:

so for object detection, i was able to get the object scanned using the XCode sample here:

the result exports a *.arobject file. I do not know how to load this *.arobject file into an ARCandidateObject yet, but i imagine that is the pipeline required.

the little app from the link above is pretty cool actually, opens up all kinds of possibilities, so i encourage folks exploring this path to check it out :slight_smile:

if anyone knows how to get the data from the *arobject file into the ARCandidateObject, would love to know. in the meantime, will keep digging…

I have a kit on the marketplace that includes object detection for IOS devices:…eality-toolkit It also comes with a guide.


If you’re not interested in the kit but would like help with object detection here are the steps I used (ARKit only):

1 - Set your session type to “object scanning
2 - visualise the AR point cloud with debug points so you see what the ARkit is scanning
3 - use the “Get AR candidate object” node to capture the object when scanning it with your device
4 - Save the captured object data to a slot on your device
5 - Use iTunes to access the save file on your device
6 - load the save game from within the blueprint construction script to set **public variables **in a blueprint
7 - Drop the blueprint into the world, the object data you scanned should now be visible in details panel
8- Copy the data from the public variables
11 - Create an “ARcandidateObject” by right clicking in the content browser then /misc/data asset
12 - paste all the data in here
13 - add the ARcandidateObject to the AR session config
11 - change the session type to world
12 - in your AR pawn blueprint add these nodes: event tick - get all ar geometries - for each loop - cast to AR tracked object - get detected object - get friendly name - equals (the friendly name of your object) - branch - (if true…whatever you want to happen when the object is detected)

delayed response on my end, but thank you for posting this!

Hallo blunt_action, thank you for your post. I’m interested in scanning and detection object with unreal and the ARKit. Have you succeeded ?

blunt_action has posted this twitter message:
I like the solution to import the apple .arobject to UE. I’m interested in exchange of experience.