Object scale in pixel shader?

What’s the easiest way to get an objects scale into a material? The object scale node throws and error when it’s used in the pixel shader (I’m using it to displace tessellated verts). Do I need to set up scale as a parameter and adjust it through Blueprints, or is there something easy that I’m missing? Thanks.

You can pass the object scale using the custom UVs. Add a few custom uv inputs by selecting the material node. For xyz you will need to pass xy into one custom uv and the z into another. Then in the pixel shader you sample using two uv nodes of the appropriate index, appending the x of the latter one to the first.

@RyanB Hi, I don’t seem to find the customUV node you are talking about, is it just the Custom node?. I’m confused about how to do this

The texture coordinate node referes to each customized uv.

custom UV 1 = TexCoord 1 etc