Object Reference is Not Compatible With Pawn Object Reference

Hello Everyone i wanted to create moving NPC randomly on area but i have this problem when i watches on tutorial video on AI Move to should linked to self but on mine occurred Object is not Compatible with Pawn Object Reference did i place something wrong or there have different handler to this case? i wanted to use metahuman blueprint

Hi @Ichiya_suzaku

Is SELF a player character? If so it should plug in, if not try casting it to the correct character/pawn blueprint first

Sorry i’m confused haha i’m still learning in unreal engine do u mean this self

Yeah plug the blue node on SELF direct into the PAWN node on the AI MoveTo

Remove that conversion node thats already attached to self not sure what thats converting it to so remove it and go direct

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What if i use pawn?

@Ichiya_suzaku Hi. I’m facing the same issue. Did you solve this somehow?

Hi @aizcreme

You really should post your question in a new thread so that it can get more attention.

That said as i stated before you need to plug a player pawn into the ai move to, if its the current pawn you are in drag a reference in from self

If the NPC isn’t a character, it won’t work :slight_smile: or it could also be that there’s an issue with a skeletal mesh. It worked for me to create a new character.