Object Outline to show it can be interact with ?

Hi I am trying to create a basic highlight outline around an object to show the user they can interact with it.

I found a number of year old tutorials that all do it the same way like this - YouTube

But the highlight texture has been moved or renamed in 4.9 can some tell me what it was changed to or how to create my own so I can go and put outlines around specfic obejcts ?

Thanks for all the information but I am still a bit lost

any way I could see a blueprint showing the outline when the player is a close distance to it ?

sure, i’ll see if i can whip something up quickly

No need man was able to figure it out from the sources you gave me and a bit of messing around myself

Heres how I set up the level blueprint and called the actor

The it was as simple as adding the Material I found online to the post process, if some needs the material let me know and I can send it to you, since the M_Highlight is not in newer versions of unreal engine 4

good stuff! glad it worked out. i started but got sidetracked :smiley:

might want to add how you activated this in case other people look this up and find this as the solution :slight_smile:

No point really the video i post in the question shows the user how to do that, that part didnt change