Object Mirror Movement

To start off: hi, I was once decent at UE Blueprints but its been a hot minute, so please, bear with me here. I’ve got a project I’ve been working on where the main mechanic is getting an object to mirror its movements with another object. For example, if the player hits or moves a box I want to get another box, box2, to mirror its movements and move the same distance as well. Right now I have physics turned on for both boxes, and would prefer to have it work with physics if possible.
Right now, this is what I’ve got going on, and its not moving box2.

The closest I could find to this problem is How to multiply object movement to another object?, but even then it didn’t help me much there.
Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!

The blueprint you shared was assigning box2 location to box… it will not move box2. ??

It was actually connected to the wrong box node, which I figured out not too long after posting… When I fixed it, it would mesh both objects together.

I’ve got this so far with just noodling around with different nodes, and it kinda gives me what I’m looking for. It moves the box to where the other box is, but it pushes it right on top of the other box or right next to it. I’m looking for it to trail and stop at a distance from box 2.
Thank you for your response!

Are your boxes components of the same actor?

Then just offset the vector: drag from the box2 location vector and select the add node. There type the offset you are after.

Just to be clear: this will not mirror in the literal sense, you are copying. Mirror would be they both move left and right but front/back are opposite, for example.

They are not components of the same actor and I think I figured it out by adding vector addition in order to offset the location of the box. The offset nodes were kindof making the boxes mesh together or disappear altogether.

The coding is clunky, but it works for what I’m doing at the moment.
I appreciate the help though!