Object Is Not Being Lit/Affected By Point Light After Lighting Build

I created this base molding in blender which doesn’t seem to be affected by the point light being switched on–post build. I’ve tried a multitude troubleshooting processes including the creation of my own light maps, generating light maps automatically, switching the object mobility from static, to stationary to moveable. Note: the object is affected by the point light if the object’s mobility is set to static, however the baked shadows look horrific. I’ve made the attempt to override the light map res and turn it up to as high as 1024(while in static mobility), but the baked shadows still look bad. I’m clearly missing something, any help would be super appreciated. This is my first time posting to the forums.


Baked lighting should be perfect… I’m guessing your house/interior is one single mesh… so you won’t really see differences by raising the lightmap resolution because the mesh is so big! If you want to achieve better results and more control over your lighting: you’ll need to break up your house into smaller pieces like walls and floor/ceiling…
Of course you can use dynamic lighting but that won’t produce GI for you… /not to mention they are the most “expensive” lights/

The walls/floors/ceiling are separate meshes, however the base trim itself is one single mesh. I wanted to make it one mesh because the initial shading looks adequate when I use stationary mobility(especially in the 90° corner). This is what it looks like with static mobility despite how much I increase light map resolution:

If you’re talking about the skirting: if it has many small details it’s easier to use a plain box mesh with normalmap!!