Object is determined to break through Collisions

I have an actor that is successfully colliding with another object in the scene. While the player is holding forward, the vector representing forward is being passed to the MoveComponent() function on the root component. The object will stop when it collides with the wall, but if the player continues holding forward, the transformation vector of the object continues to increment, though it’s not visibly moving. When the transform has reached a high enough value, the object will pop on to the other side of the wall and continue moving.

I’ve also separately tried using GetActorLocation() and SetActorLocation() with the exact same results. Why wouldn’t GetActorLocation() return the world position of the object and why would the transform continue to increment when the object isn’t visibly moving?

I have Use CCD checked on for the moving actor.

Thanks so much for any help!
I’m really stumped!