Object Interaction for GearVR: Setting up components so the blueprint compiles


I am making a GearVR app, and wish to add object interaction; so far I have made it to step 2 of this documentation tutorial ( https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Platforms/VR/UsingTouchControllers/index.html ) and i am faced with this compiling error

please note, I added the ‘PickedUpActor’ variable shortly before posting this message, but have no idea what the settings should be for it (it would really help if on the documentation they told us to set these up before hitting said snag, i literally can find no reference to it on the documentation pages- just a suggestion)

any help with this would as always be so much appreciated.


Hey there, you don’t seem to have the hit component variable.


thanks for the reply,what kind of variable would it be? would I add it via here


or here




Create it in the variables tab, and set the type to PrimitiveComponent.

Many thanks :smiley: i shall press on with the rest of the documentation! i may be back here complaining again haha

YOU, DEAR SIR, are a f***ing LEGEND :D, thank you ever so much for the feed back and help!

best regards


No problem :slight_smile: