Object has wrapping UVs

i google it and i known why that error.

but i have others meshes with similar UVs

i scaled in map1 in maya out of 0,1, uvSet are within of 0,1 that work with other meshes without error

Meshes are simple walls and floor.



It’s not just that the coordinates need to be between 0 … 1, but also that no two triangles can overlap in UV space.

What I do in 3ds Max is create two sets of UV coordinates; one that is Unfold Mapping mapped, non-overlapping, between 0…1; one that is the actual texture mapping I want to see (which can overlap, wrap, etc just fine.)

Then in the Static Mesh tool, I change the texture coordinate channel that Lightmass will use (this is in an Advanced roll-out) to the second UV channel, and all works fine.

Have you already created a 2nd UV channel + lightmap for your meshes? :slight_smile:


near two hours trying find the problem, i post here and in 5 minutes i found what its the problem. (or i think now works)

i don’t known why but in the mesh, “Light Map Coordinate Index” have value 0, i delete, reimport and try other meshes, always same problem, i check the other meshes that work in my project and that value its 1, i change to 1 and well not known what are doing but work lol

that seems my problem. now i known what do that option. :o

thanks both.

When I had this problem I realized that you need to have a texture as your material. It won’t work with just a color set as a material. Unreal engine 4 don’t know where to start generating the light map, but if you have set a texture UE can use that coordinate to generate the lightmap. UE can’t generate a lightmap on it’s own. Then you pick the coordinate selection from 0 to 1.