Object has overlapping UVs and lightmap UV problem?


Firstly, thank u for a great community. I started to learn Unreal Engine recently and here is a great info source. Here is my first problem i faced :slight_smile: I have a bed mesh which i get the export from 3ds max. (Can be seen in the below screenshot)

But I’m getting the problems seen on second screenshot.

I searched the problem on the internet and read so much posts about it but still can’t fix it. I tried changing light map coordinate index to 1 and increase the resolutio no even 512 but still the problem exist.

Thank u!

You need a second UV channel, this UV channel will get used for the lightmaps for that mesh. The issue is that your UV’s are overlapping which is not good for lightmaps. You need to adjust your UV’s so that they don’t overlap