Object disabled when playing scene through parented camera?

Hi All,

So I came upon an odd error that I can’t explain, but perhaps someone else has come across.

I was working on a project involving importing motion capture data (via fbx) into an Unreal scene. 1 character, 2 props and an animated virtual camera prop (by the time of import it was pretty much just the geo proxy). Everything imports fine, plays great, no problems.

I constrain one of Unreal’s Camera Actors to the virtual camera’s geometry in the Scene Outliner, set up a Blueprint to watch the scene through the camera on “Play,” and when I hit Play, one of the props doesn’t show up (the other prop and character play just fine).

This seems odd as everything worked fine when playing the scene without a Camera Actor but with a “Player Start” actor, so I just Simulate the scene and again everything plays fine.

I detach the Camera Actor from the imported virtual camera fbx (effectively making the Camera Actor static) and hit Play again. Everything shows up fine.

What I’m left to believe is that somehow, attaching the Camera Actor to the imported virtual camera is disabling this one, specific prop when actually hitting Play. The odd thing, however, is the character, the other prop and the virtual camera itself all play fine, and the prop not playing is a book, which effectively is just a cube with an animation channel–not some complex rig or high poly model. Unfortunately, I really need to use the motion from the imported, virtual camera to drive the Camera Actor.

Any ideas?

You might need to supply some screenshots of what it’s supposed to look like and what it actually looks like. It’s a little hard to visualize what you mean from the description.

Did you build the geometry in the scene? Is the actor that’s not appearing on play set to ‘Hidden in Game’? I’m not sure what you mean by a virtual camera, do you have a mesh actor that’s representing the camera in the scene?