Object collisioning Trigger Box

I’ve faced another problem. I want to make my spotlight objects to spawn into another level, but only if they are placed inside a Trigger box. I have a BP for the spotlight, where I am checking the condition of InTheMap? variable and if true, it’ll save the transform info of said spotlight and spawns it.

The problem is that inside the Level BP it fails casting.

I’m anyway a bit lost about casting objects in another Blueprint. D: I’ve faced this same problem many times, that I have no clue what to connect to that casting’s Object pin. Am I on the right path or is there another way to do it?

The wording of the outputs is a little confusing, but Overlapped Actor is your trigger (the actor being overlapped), not your spotlight. So you are effectively trying to cast a Trigger Volume into a Spotlight, which will of course fail because they aren’t the same type.

Other Actor is the actor that entered the Trigger.

Oh god, how have I missed that… It’s so simple yet somehow I didn’t realize I was putting it on the wrong pin all the time!
Anyways, thank you very much for pointing that out. : D It’s working now.