Object Blueprint Function Library Access

Hello community. I have problem with object Bp. I created blueprint with object type like that:

and i want to call from it my Function Library functions. For example this functions:

but i just cant do it! And i don’t know why.
Just lets type it:

Even Without! context sensitiveness it just does not want me to give access to that functions.
I don’t know why. How can i make my fuinction library work properly inside Object blueprints?

Let me describe why i choose Object blueprint. It’s because i want to Construct them inside other components and call function RunAction. Since unreal dosen’t want to allow me construct other types of blueprints i have to use Object type of it. I hope someone of you met this problem before and can give me some advice.

I think it’s to do with the parent of the BP, what is it’s parent?


it’s parent of the Object


I ofc can reparent it to the Actor. Ok let me do it.
No. I cant. It’s somewhy impossible.

but let me make new bp with type of Actor. It’s fast.

and i cannot do this it makes Error:

Cannot construct objects of type ‘/Blueprints/BP_ActorRRRRRRRRRRRRR.BP_ActorRRRRRRRRRRRRR_C’ in Construct Object from Class

I already tryed bp types that is not Object. I tryed Actor Component, Actor and Character. Every time it show me this error. And because of this i HAD to use Object for parent of my bp. But … bkz of that now i can’t use my Function Library at all. And i don’t want to … copy functions from it to this object by hands bkz i am to lazy and i feel it as wrong way…

Objects you create with Construct Object.
Actors you create with Spawn Actor.
Widgets you create with Create Widget.

And Objects do not have access to the world, which is needed to access the blueprint function library.

So… how to make objects have acces to the world? Maybe there is some refrence or function or maybe there is something… has to be something to call functions from library.
Can we get refrence variable of the world?

Or maybe use actors instead of objects. Apparently, as long as you uncheck the tick of the actor and it does not have any scene components, they are not much more expensive than Objects.

Unfortunately i can’t use Actors bkz they need to be spawned in world location. And this all … will … i can’t it’s impossible. Ok i will copy some necessary functions by hands. Thanks for your time.