OBJ becomes black string when exported for HTML5 or Mobile?

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m new to UE4 and was hoping someone could help me with a packaging issue I am experiencing when packaging for HTML5 and Mobile.

Specifically: the main static mesh is tearing up and turning black and stringy when exported to HTML5 or Mobile. However there is no issue when exporting as a Windows project. I believe it maybe an issue with the mesh/model. The model was created in Blender and exported as an OBJ to be imported into UE4 using version 4.7.2.

Here is an image of the exported project on mobile:


Thanks for any help in advance!


Perhaps the number of vertices in your model more than 65K.

About these and other limitations for mobile systems you can find on this page:

Brilliant! Thanks so much for quick response.
I will look into that now.
Thanks again!

Just to confirm, my vertice count in blender was different to the static mesh editor (much much higher in static mesh editor where-as blender seemed to say my vertice count was under 65K). So I reduced vertices and issue seems to be resolved.
Thanks again!