OASIS - What we all want & Why Zuckerberg bought Oculus VR

Hi guys,

looks we aren’t the only ones who thought VR was going to be a game changer. Bearing in mind the recent news that Zuckerberg will be buying Oculus VR, I would like to talk about and perhaps implement what I see as the most powerful component of both VR and Unreal Engine 4. That is collaborative work environments.

it is now within reach of all mere mortals to create any world they can dream up of, and whats more they can do it to god like levels. Without paying anymore than the subscription fee, we can create whatever world we want, and we can then send it to whoever we want, and even with online multiplayer share it. If we add in voip we can create, share, meet and greet friends or strangers online in an immersive environment. Think minecraft on steroids.

The possibilities here are huge, but for an average user a few key stages remain outside of their grasp. Predominantly we don’t have VOIP scripts or tools yet to drag and drop into UE4 level builds. Neither do we have multiplayer set up in a similar way. With these two components I think we could be witnessing the birth of OASIS.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see this? Would you like to work on making it happen?

Sorry forgot to add, that I am very keen to see this happen at a grass roots level so that we don’t all have to sign in through facebook etc to get here

I agree this is huge. Is there a way to begin development/test things without a headset?

Yes of course, as everything works exactly the same but just appears on the monitor, rather than a headset. As far as I understand that is one of the reasons that VR is ready for the mainstream as it has been brought to a level where very little user end work needs to be done specifically for the VR element. In this way VR can ride on engines like UE4 and others that come with already highly skilled developers.

This is the podcast

Hopefully it will be more affordable… :slight_smile:

With every advance that VR makes my mind always comes back to OASIS. That book seems more prophetic every day. Here’s just hoping Facebook isn’t the sixers. :slight_smile:

The potential of VR could be amazing but I have concerns that if VR is controlled by one company and only accessible via a few technologies it will not fulfil its potential.

I think we need to have a open WWW version of VR and the tools to allow anyone to put up a VR space. Thankfully WebGL could be the ideal technology for a VR web or Matrix.

This is precisely why I am learning the UE4 engine at this time, it is my hope that UE4 will eventually evolve to provide content for the metaverse.

It is actually what WebGL was created for if you go back and read the early releases back in the day.

I just want to recreate the Mech stand-off outside the castle scene :wink:

I’m self a big RPO Fan and when I learned something to create such a World like the OASIS, than that we, the Devs, should work all together to create such a VR Universe. When everyone make’s his own thing we ended like the Internet… on every VR World we need a new Account, a new Avatar, a new Name to enter it and every VR World have it’s own Control Mechanism. Is that really that what we want?

I think a good Start for a OASIS like World would be a Avatar Generation System, a Communication System and the last including Privat Chat Rooms too, like in the OASIS. Than you have a Account System with 3D Avatars, a Standard GUI, all sort of Standard Communication (Mails, Textchat, Visual Chat, Chat Rooms) and a Standard Control Mechanism. A really good Base to build a virtual Word around it.

A other Question is how the OASIS should be build. As an App under Windows? I’m self a Windows User (8.1 since some Weeks) and have nothing do so far with Linux, but I think when a OASIS like VR Universe should be created, than as a own Linux VR Distri without an 2D Desktop. So when the Linux Distri is booted up it starts directly into the VR World over the Linux Version of UE4 on a VR Helmet and than you see a VR Desktop.

Also OASIS should clearly be a VR only World.

Anyone up for creating the OASIS?