nvidia rtx lightmap baking?

nvidia rtx lightmap baking. I want it so bad… lol… I know Epic has plans for the tech, im curious when it is available for us to use as well as if the recently revealed specs for gtx1180 are enough for it.

Just use Luoshuang’s GPULightmass for now. It’s not quite feature complete, but it’s faster and higher quality than normal lightmass.

I’m worried that Nvidia rtx lightmap won’t be a default engine feature because it will likely be Nvidia exclusive. So it might take a while to come out, and you’ll have to compile it yourself every update, and rely on Nvidia for updates and support like VXGI.

Very cool thanks!

Im reading up on it and im not sure this would work for me since it looks like it loads the entire scene into gpu memory… my scene is way to large and it will give out of memory errors…

Epic avoids adding solutions that would work better only if the** gamer** has Nvidia card.
It shouldn’t be a huge issue if some developers baking lightmaps would be locked to Nvidia.

Although this could be a pointless discussion since this new raytracing is a DX12 feature and it will run on AMD cards too :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think it’s likely that it would be integrated, since most UE4 users have Nvidia and AMD has stated they will be updating drivers to support it as well.

Its not even about ue4 game players… its developers and developers will buy the correct tool for the job. If its a feature they want they will get the hardware to utilize it… otherwise their ulternative is cpu lightmapping which can still be a choice…

Just throwing it out there, at GDC they had a machine running Unity that was showing off RTX progressive lightmap baking, so it can be done.

This is how misinformation is spread around;
They use AMD “FireRays” based on Vulcan API to generate lightmaps in almost real-time.
That AMD’s API is pretty much open source.

I know almost nothing about graphics systems, but even I know that is bit different from what NVidia is calling “RTX” with that de-noising stuff and etc.

Epic and NVidia are business partners, so they of course won’t go with AMD tech.

Why would the Nvidia booth show off AMD tech with a big green Nvidia logo on top of the monitor? I’m not spreading misinformation, it was happening right in front of me, I don’t know what else to tell you here.

See now I’m wishing I took a picture of it for proof. RTX on Unreal overshadowed everything else they had there so there wasn’t any press on the other stuff they had.

So… You’re saying Unity are liers when they say themselves in their blog they use AMD rays?!

I said nothing of the sort. It’s possible for two companies to have competing products for the same engine, you know. I’m not really trying to argue here, believe me or don’t, it really doesn’t matter.

lets all hope 4.20 includes something like this. Or at the very least just GPU instead of CPU lightmap baking… the time saving alone would be so incredable.

Nope. They announced this for 4.22 which would be released during winter time :wink:

Well ■■■■…

Hopefully we have something in 4.20 anything would be awesome


didn’t they say in the GDC talks that they expected to start unrolling these features in 4.20?

4.20 will have dynamic unshadowed and baked shadowed area lights. Sadly even for the release at the end of the year the only confirmed features are AO and shadows. No word on GI at GDC other than it was too expensive. As I’ve said before, it’s such a pity since a fast GPU lightmap baker would boost productivity enormously as seen in the examples from Unity and Frostbite. One can only hope that they’re working on something internally.

Also Cinematic depth of field.
Not sure if Volume Texture Asset support is related to this demo.

Releasing RTX support now wouldn’t be that useful anyway. DX12 ray tracing is tagged as “experimental” and using current Volta hardware would be very expensive. GDC was great to present incoming technology, but it isn’t here yet.
Most likely will get DX12 update and new video cards before Christmas.

There is always this that you can use in meantime. Luoshuang's GPULightmass - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums