Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan X Ray Tracing

Hi. I have a nvidia geforce gtx titan x. I’ve installed the UE4 and have followed and installed all the instructions about ray tracing. But I can’t use the rail tracing feature. I have the Nvidia 425.31 update. What do I need to do to use Direct x 12 DXR ral tracing? Or can I use Ray tracing with this video card?

I’m on the same issue with Titan X. Cant get raytracing to work yet.

Any solutions?

check if you have October 2018 Windows 10 update which icludes latest version of DirectX, otherwise DXR don’t work. If this does not help, get some nvidia tech demo, like Justice, if RT option will be gray out that means something not right with GPU or driver:

I also have a Titan X. I have the latest windows update, the latest drivers, and added -dx12 to the end of the shortcut path after the quotation marks. I also set the SkinCache and raytracing variables to 1in the ini file. Still no dice. I also tried the Justice tech demo and the raytracing option is greyed out. Any help would be appreciated!

The question is very simple. Does this technology support the Titan X graphics card? If he doesn’t, we’il stop dealing.

No one can help?

Is there anyone who can help with this?

Same issue here!
At home with a 1060 raytracing works fine. On my office workstation with a Titan X I can’t see raytracing options under View mode and messing around with raytracing parameters looks like is doing nothing.
As stated by Nvidia also the Titan X should be raytracing enabled with the latest drivers.

How to solve this?

I can probably answer myself to this:
I need to check which version of Titan X is currently installed on my workstation, but there are two version of it, the Maxwell and the Pascal one. Only the Pascal one can actually utilize raytracing. Could be the same for all of you.