NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

I get it when I try enabling tessallation on a material.

The fix is provided in this thread, go back a page or two, Unfortunately I have not had time to patch up my 4.8 branch to include it.

That does indeed fix it, I searched for the error message but somehow missed it. Thanks again for your efforts and patience GalaxyMan.

Hairworks doesn’t work in VR :frowning: By doesn’t work I mean it renders in one eye and moves when you look around.

Opened another pull request to sort this problem out! :slight_smile:

P.S Everyone I am back from holiday! :slight_smile:

Welcome back :slight_smile:

clean branch need please

I apologize if this is common knowledge. . .but what repo should we pull from for the NVidia GameWorks features?

Are these features already in UE 4.8:

The NVidia branch appears to be waaay back in commits. 9,424 commits behind Epic::Release, and 15,690 commits behind Epic::master.

Am I doing something wrong?

It looks like the NVidia branch is at UE 4.7. Is that correct?

That is correct. Galaxyman2015 branch is on 4.8 with all gameworks features. Which you can find here

Please explain what you mean

download and compile is the problem d3d11.dll
package not compile
hairworks fix etc
I missed some fixes
clean branch need… download compile and work,not need fix.

The branch works fine, so this is an issue at your end, since you havent shown any error messages or really explained the error well enough, I can’t help.

downloading again. and will compile again.
I will look works package and gameworks
and turn to you

Is there an ETA for buy buoyancy for Waveworks? (Boat, or something similiar)

Coming from a film/vfx background… What would be awesome is if waveworks was able to switch to doing a flex fluid sim around the player, using the waveworks surface as a base to advect the flex particles - to keep the shape of the wave. And then blend that flex fluid back in in with the waveworks surface a certain distance away. Then you could have this massive ocean interacting with the player and your boat could be a rigid body body flex object that would already have a buoyancy option :slight_smile: consider that a feature request :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the builds GalaxyMan! they work great :slight_smile:

Just a quick question. Is every gameworks feature going to be implemented? Also how difficult is implementing? Cause I got loads of free time and need a project.

Hello, guys.

I’ve just gotten a 980Ti myself and opened a VXGI project I have here to see the performance improvement. Check it out:

GTX 780 (~9fps)

GTX 980Ti (~30fps)

Both tests with multibounces on, and the following setup:

In general, for non-VXGI stuff, the 980Ti gives me about 175% of the 780 performance.
With VXGI stuff, it’s 300% in this case.

More info and images here:

Is tearable cloth working in the latest nvidia flex branch? I really need this for an upcoming project.

Hey guys I haven’t posted in a while and haven’t been staying up with the thread too much so I’m not sure if this has been issue has been noticed. In 4.8 there is an option for surface per-pixel rendering on translucent materials, which requires forward lighting to be enabled. Forward lighting crashes VXGI instantly. The new shading model looks fantastic and I would love to use it, but VXGI is not currently compatible it seems. Disabling VXGI voxelation on the material does not help.