Nvidia DLSS 2.0 UE4 branch

I haven’t found a thread about this yet, so let’s make one. DLSS 2.0 is out, and it looks really good, way better than DLSS 1.0. If you haven’t seen this talk yet, I do recommend to watch this recent GTC talk from Nvidia:

Here’s some comparison screenshots:

According to Nvidia, it also has very good performance, it completely replaces TAA and it doesn’t really cost any more than regular TAA:

Nvidia created a UE4 branch with DLSS 2.0 integrated, so everyone who has RTX GPUs can use this UE4 branch and see how DLSS 2.0 performs in their game (DLSS 2.0 no longer requires per-game training):

Has anyone used that branch yet? What’s your results? Does it support all UE4 rendering features or do some things not work with DLSS 2.0?

This is incredible. 540p is looking fantastic, what a world.

Installation steps aren’t for lazy( Step 1 of 13 - Reach out to your Nvidia contact and get an AppId… Will try that in other life, or when it’ll become interated

This is great, thanks for posting! Have you by chance tried this with VR? I’ve been wondering if this could be applied there.

I wondered about the same, and I was told by someone at Nvidia that this does work in VR, and that the UE4 branch also supports all UE4 engine features, including VR. I have not tried it myself yet, as I currently don’t have a RTX GPU, but I’m also very interested in using this for VR.

We are super interested in DLSS2.0 as well, we might give it a try pretty soon.
Infromation about update frequency and stability of the Nvidiabranch would be very good to know.


I was told that updating the branch to 4.25 might not be a high priority for Nvidia, but that it’s very quick and easy for them to do so.

I’d be more interested myself in a 4.25 branch, so I do hope they will update it to 4.25 soon. I’d also like if they could create a branch that only has DLSS 2.0, and not also all the raytracing changes that this current 4.24 branch has. A pure DLSS 2.0 integration would likely be quite a small change, and easily manually upgradable for anyone without having to wait for Nvidia to do so. But with this big RTX improvements + DLSS 2.0 branch, figuring out what exactly is needed for DLSS 2.0 and what isn’t is quite hard for someone who isn’t familiar with the code I think.

I’m really interested in DLSS 2.0 folks. I appreciate if you can post more information here if you have it.
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I found this thread after searching for this requirement (reach out to your Nivida contact). What does that actually mean? What Nivida contact? It’s strange that everywhere else in their website there’s no mention at all about this but actually claims that it’s available to everyone. There are no details on how to find this “contact”. Is this actually required?

There is a rtx-dlss-4.25 branch now in the Nvidia repo:

Neat! The 540p is pretty sharp. Kinda oversharpened and artifacty, but still a good showing overall.

Wish Epic would update their TAA, hasn’t changed much in 6 years and this is a helpful reminder of that (DLSS 2.0 is TAA+ Machine Learning upscaling)

Does anyone have an NVIDIA contact? I’d like to test this integration in our pipeline. I’ve sent inquiries to NVIDIA via a few different paths, but haven’t gotten a response on any.

Same I’m also interested in this. Looks like Mechwarrior Mercenaries has dlss 2.0 support. (unreal engine 4 game)

In case anyone is still looking it appears the 4.25 Branch is ready and all you need to do is complete a survey at NVIDIA DLSS Access Program | NVIDIA Developer using your nvidia dev account.

Waiting for DLSS 2.0 inside UE4. Branch not compiled correctly.

Why do you think so ?

Anyone here got their application approved by Nvidia to try use DLSS? I’m interested to see if DLSS could help in Archviz.

There are several errors.

The problem is with you, I have been using it for a long time and I have no problems.

Not with me, but with my computer soft. :slight_smile: