Nvidia Ansel Plugin in 4.26

I’ve spent the better part of a day now trying to get the Nvidia Ansel Plugin to work with 4.26.1 … but it simply won’t. When trying to activate the overlay with alt+F2 it always tells me an error message about a supported game being required.
I’ve tested different Nvidia driver versions + geforce now combinations (studio and game ready drivers), added this “photographyallowed” node to the level BP, building the UE4 project, and a few other small things I could find online (all that with a clean, new project).
Annoyingly, most of the articles you find online are outdated and refer to a time when ansel was not yet part of geforce experience and had its own subdirectory with executables - and most UE4 specific stuff is from 2019 and older.
And I redid the whole procedure with 4.25.4 since I had that installed anyways … same results.

I’m starting to wonder if the plugin is even still working in its current state or if I’m completely missing something?!

So if anyone has got the plugin working with 4.26 I’d appreciate any insights and/or info about your current driver/geforce now version.

seems to work when you launch the game, not in the editor. right-click project choose launch and snap away.

Hi, I have exactly the same problem. Ansel don’t work. I get always the error message that it needs an supported game. Does anybody found a solution for this problem in the meantime?

It works just fine when the game is launched, it doesnt work at all in the editor.

Hi. Did you get solution for that? Same problem in “play standalone mode”. Plugin enabled. Allowed. No effect.