Number of Tile Maps per Scene (Android)

Good afternoon.

I’ve been working on some paper 2d project, and I’ve already created some tile map to make content creation easier, but something funny is happening: now that I created some maps to assemble many kinds of maps, I found out that I the are 16 (exactly 16) tile maps on the scene and launch it on my samsung galaxy note 5 or eve package it and then install it, the game crashes. It doesn’t even start. If I make a windows launch (also packaged) it works perfectly.

Is there, maybe, a variable for this that let me plase more tile maps for android development? or maybe there is a limitation for size of the tile maps, etc. I don’t know what could be going wrong.


Hey RenzoET,

Tried deleting your ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Saved’ folders within your project to see if that helps. Could you also provide me with the logs from the device when the project crashes?

Plug your device into your computer to get the logs from the device, and navigate to C:\NVPACK\android-sdk-windows\tools\monitor.bat. Then highlight the log information and save it to a text file.

From my understanding, as long as you aren’t using any textures above 2048x2048, then you shouldn’t be having issues with the amount of tilemaps in your project/scene.


Thanks for the reply. I’m sending the txt file of the crash.

The monitor keeps restarting and never ends checking.

link text

I think I found a partial solution. And I want to say partial because I’m not sure if is the final solution. According to the log file I uploaded, the problem persist on the physics side. So I decided to change the physics setting, applying no collision on the sprite collision domain.

Working so good so far.

It sounds like you have found a solid solution for now, and I cannot really determine the cause of the crash unless I log an official bug report and the engineers take a look at your logs. I would say for now, we should mark this post as resolved, and if you end up coming across the crash again please let me know and we will continue the reporting process.

Thank you,