NOVEMBER GAME JAM: Win Subscription Time! Theme Announced on Thursday's Twitch Stream

it is always midnight Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5).

Just remember it as Epic Standard Time EST and your good. :smiley:

Epic Standard Time… I like it, I’ll talk to Obama about making that official

Thanks, Alex! - The reason we don’t mention Standard time is thee whole “Daylight Savings Time” fun that we participate in. The countdown link in the original post *should *be on track with the submission deadline!

I have no idea what I’m going to do for this yet.
Pretty tough theme.

i don’t get the theme “two birds with one stone”
i got the “halloween” theme obviously.

Is it explained in the broadcast or something?

can someone aware me on the tl;dr version

kill two birds with one stone : to succeed in achieving two things in a single action:

I had to googled it, with the words “Killing…” in front of it in Germany it means “Zwei Fliegen mit einer Klatsche schlagen”. :smiley: And that means to reach two targets with one action. Solve two problems in one go. Hope that’s right and helps.

Would that about to be right, English natives here? :slight_smile:

Edit: Fen was faster.

So any use of marketplace assets is allowed? I assume they are…i just thought I would ask since its not mentioned in the conditions

Oh! I completly forgot about this, will start tonight hope getting something before the dead line ( i want that t shirt. :D)

Totally! Use anything off of the market you have if you like.

Me and my buddy are putting something together, we were not sure about the theme so we decided to take it very literally lol. Hope we have a project in by the deadline! Good luck to all.

I don’t have time to program anything for this one but if anyone’s interested in some music for their game I can do that!

Litetal interpretation is totally cool! We love that kind of stuff, too :slight_smile:

So our team name is TostiGames.
We’re livestreaming our creation/struggle.

Great, I started last night, I guess this time I’ll be able to have something better! So far so good!

Heres My Entry

Team Name = Not Applicable
Team Members = Just 1 person me Warpspasm
Name Of Submission = The One Stone

Bit of an early submission, I guess I’m done with it.

Birds in Space; creative title pending
(Hopefully that links works)

Built by a team consisting of me, myself and I. It has some weird hitches with loading and a few GUI issues, but I think the biggest problem is that its a pretty bad game. But hey, still had fun making it. Oh and I went a little bit literal with the theme.

In the game you are a red bird which has to pass dangerous traps and dizzying heights in order to save his girlfriend which got caught by the humans. In the end you will have to save her with one stone which will deactivate the giant trap. :slight_smile:
I have to warn you guys! -> The game is very tricky and I bet that no one will pass the 3rd checkpoint :stuck_out_tongue:

**Download: **JourneyOfJumps.rar - Google Drive
(play it in the original resolution -> dont go into fullscreen) :wink:

A and D -> move
Space Bar -> jump
P -> Pause

@ Daelus -> Yep, your link works :slight_smile:

The Rocky Tournament

[SIZE=6]Use the arrows to move the pawn![/SIZE]

I’m sorry! The retry button is written wrong! Just ignore.

Avoid the red balls!
Be careful with the flying bombs!
You can shoot by pressing Z;
You can displace bombs and Ghost shots (The pink one) by pressing spacebar (Watch out! You can use this ability only once per half second!);
The blue area is your range;
The game turns harder with time;

Ps: The game is inside the TowerDefense folder (Its not a tower defgame btw);

Ghost Shot -> 5;
Red balls -> 10;
Flying Bombs -> 50;
Flying Mortal Bombs -> One hit kill;


Have fun!

Here is my first UE4 game:“HawkAndFalcon”:
In the game you play a bird, which tries to protect his eggs by dropping a stone on the hawk’s head.


The team consists of myself and me, cord360.

Edit: Screenshot