Notifications of the forums seem to be broken

The notifications on the forums seem to be broken. I have selected that I want to be notified for basically everything:
But I am in no way notified when someone quotes me. Neither through the red symbol on the top left of the page, nor through any mail.

Hmm, anytime someone replies in one of my threads or quotes me, I get notified. I even have Automatic Subscription off. Actually, I’m still trying to figure out how to properly quote people. Because @ and typing out people’s names does not work. I never get the people I want. It used to be really simple in the old forums.

Yes, the issue with not finding the right people with he @ is also something that I see. For example, I can’t tag you with the @, you don’t appear in the list:

I was actually notified about that you replied to this thread that I subscribed, so those notifications seem to work. I am not notified though when I am quoted.

Testing. Yeah the @mentions aren’t working. But I think I figured out how to do it now… by using “USER NUMBERS” You have a n***** after your name when I reply…

So going to test this…


Nope. Such fail. Oh wells. Maybe someone will come up with a tutorial on how to properly use the new forums :wink:

Did that make a notification?
You have to have this kind of construction around the quote to be noticed by forum engine:

="John Alcatraz;n1371396"]The notifications on the forums seem to be broken.

The number after the name is the number of the post (it could be seen by hovering the #).
Better choice will be using the ‘Quote’ button on the bottom of each post.

Mentions are tricky imo, you have to write:


You could drag&drop links to editor, or just copy and paste (as example name of the user).
Then you could switch ‘source mode’ to edit them.

Notifications are still completely broken for quotes. Look at how often I was quoted in this thread during the last few days, probably 4-5 times:…released/page9

And I didn’t get a single notification in the forums about it, nor any email. Epic, please fix this!