Notification Window

I want to add notifications to my game, similar to the way Smite does it: if you’re not focused in the app (alt-tabbed or minimized) and your game begins (after queueing) a notification will pop up on top in the corner of your screen. If you click it, you’ll be brought back to the game window. It’s also kind of similar to the way Steam does its notifications too.

So far, I’ve been creating an SWindow and adding it as a child of my GameWindow like so:

FSlateApplication::Get().AddWindowAsNativeChild(Window.ToSharedRef(), GEngine->GameViewport->GetWindow().ToSharedRef());

The big problem here is that if the parent window is minimized, the popup notification window will be minimized as well.

Is there a way to detach the notification window from the main GameWindow? I need two windows and one can’t be visible in the task bar as a secondary window. (I’ve achieved this latter requirement with SWindow option IsPopupWindow(true)))

Things I’ve tried:

Adding it as a Modal Window just freezes up my app.

This (based on: Two windows in a program - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums) also seemed promising, but currently just crashes my editor: