Not sure if it belongs on here (may need to re-direct) ps1/n64 filters on games

Before I get myself too deep into one engine is there anyway (marketplace or not) to get the ps1/vhs type distortion? Unity has something similar but I’ve already started learning this engine and feel that this engine has more capabilities in the long run. I currently bringing together the artwork but I don’t want to have that smooth “low poly” count type graphics but something that looks like it came from a n64 or ps1 I’m in the wrong section of the forum place let me know as well


I know it may not make sense to some people on why I would try to do this but I think it’ll help me practice the core gameplay mechanics from the engine and see if I can make something playable and enjoyable without fantastic graphics (though these graphics may seem “gimicky” I’m planning on releasing for free since I can’t afford the full maya software)

I’ve already bought this asset that might do the trick for you.

This looks fantastic
This came about when I saw the newly made oddball game Yo! noid 2 where it had this VHS feel to it. I’m very happy that there’s an unreal version.