Not able to see my Third person character blueprint when I make an Animation blueprint

Hey, I had time to make animations for my custom made third person character today but when I clicked on Animation → Animation blueprint and then a pop up appeared asking me to select the skeletal mesh I wanted to make animations for but I couldn’t see my Third_person_character blueprint and pop up was also bugged for instance I could not see first two skeletal meshes in the list of skeletal meshes.
Images attached :

You create Animations for a specific Skeletal Mesh, that on the other hand is referenced inside the Third Person Character BP. Unfortunately no screenshots because I can’t access Unreal Editor right now.

I think my character is broken ( the meta human ), when I go to character blueprint I only see my characters hands when and when I play an animation it only moves one part instead of moving whole body.

Sorry - never worked with MetaHuman before :slight_smile: But looks definitely not right.

Yes, its my first time using it too, it does not look right the first time I saw it.
And now this thing with Animation blueprint makes me want to change it from meta human to something else.
But I can find the character in Animation blendspace just not in blueprint.

I am able to create animations by going inside my character blueprint → create asset - > anim blueprint. Maybe I was not able to create my Animation blueprint for meta human in content browser because it was a bug for ue 5.0.1 .

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